materials recovered

Materials recovered and recycled

While plastics represent the major part of our broader portfolio, we also recycle:

  • Post-industrial  and pre-consumer packaging waste, including strapping
  • Cardboard and office paper waste
  • Used polythene, such as pallet wrap, garment covers, sacks and bags
  • Polythene film and carrier bags (provided they are free from food contamination)
  • Empty big bags, sometimes known as ‘dumpy’ bags
  • Agricultural film, spray cans, string and bulk sacks
  • Polystyrene, including drinks cups, seed trays, CD cases and EPS briquettes
  • Most types of redundant film on the roll, including multi-layered, metallised and printed films (supplying secure destruction certificates for printed reels on request)
  • Hard plastics – pallets, food trays, buckets and tubs – including most polymer types

The list of materials that we recover continues to evolve, often as a result of Leopard being asked to conduct a free waste ‘audit’, during which we may identify items other than those specified, as suitable for reclamation and re-processing.

Among the more challenging items with which we have been entrusted are scented beads, beer can ‘widgets’ and components of shotgun cartridges.

Whatever the material – Leopard Recycling Ltd goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure its efficient recovery, both from an environmental and economic standpoint.  Please consult us if you are unsure about whether your waste meets our recycling needs.