how we work

How we work together

Leopard Recycling is a pivotal player within the ‘closed loop’ that lies at the heart of a sustainable recovery and recycling strategy.

All of the materials that we collect are returned to the production cycle.  For example, a large percentage of the plastic is polythene and used in the manufacture of polythene bags for the reclamation and segregation of recyclate by the waste management sector.

Similarly, all of the board and paper that we recover goes into the production of new recycled products.

We work in close partnership with our suppliers to identify, segregate and bale the recyclable element of their waste stream, helping our partners conform with their environmental and legislative obligations, while also providing them with valuable additional income.  Although we sort, grade and bale materials for re-processing at our Sherburn-in-Elmet warehouse, near Leeds, where volumes justify it we can supply suitable machinery, such as balers and strapping choppers, for installation at a supplier’s own premises and stand trailers where volumes allow.

Our customers are large in number and varied by sector.  They range from SMEs to large multi-nationals, covering industries as diverse as agriculture, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and retail.  A significant percentage of our tonnage comes from the waste management industry, while we also service a number of specialist sectors, including the agricultural, pharmaceutical and food processing markets.

For those concerned about brand integrity or confidentiality we can provide secure destruction in the UK, with certification for most materials we collect.

Whether you are seeking a business partner who will help you meet your environmental and legislative obligations, identify potentially valuable savings on your waste disposal costs or provide you with incremental revenue streams, Leopard Recycling Ltd should be your first port of call.